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When you need help with your home's HVAC systems in Greeley, you want more than competence in a contractor. Whether the solution to your problem is a new furnace or heating repair, you want a company with which you are comfortable. Just any company won't do. Air Solutions is the call you want to make.

We've been around since 1993 and have an excellent reputation - not only because we know HVAC, but because we treat our customers with respect. That includes everything from free, up-front price quotes, to the professional manner in which we conduct ourselves, to the way we treat and leave your home. Whether it's our work or your experience with our people, your satisfaction is guaranteed.

If you're someone who wants to learn more about your home's heating or cooling systems, you'll find a wealth of information by browsing our site. If you want to share your concerns and get reasonable solutions and helpful tips to get you comfortable, call or schedule online for the best service in town!

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Looking for a trustworthy HVAC contractor in Northern Colorado? Then, you have come to the right place. Whether you need a repair or a whole new install, or are looking for ways to up efficiency and air quality, our experts can get the job done.
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Looking for a trustworthy HVAC contractor in Northern Colorado? Then, you have come to the right place. Whether you need a repair, a whole new install, or are looking for ways to increase efficiency and air quality, our experts can get the job done.
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As a leader in HVAC solutions, Trane offers tools and services that keep you comfortable all year long. Trane systems are reliable, high quality, and accessible to virtually everyone. Join us as we continue to write new chapters in our history and build a more comfortable future. We put our units to the test by exposing them to five years’ worth of wear and tear in just a few months. We’re making heating and AC systems you can rely on for years to come.
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Introducing Greeley’s Comfort Co-Pilot

Air Solutions has been proudly serving the residential and commercial HVAC needs of the Greeley area since 1993. And, we owe our success to the loyalty of customers like you. By putting you first, we've gained a reputation as the go-to company for furnace repair in Greeley. In our 31 years of working on HVAC equipment, we've come to understand the quirks of almost every furnace brand. This allows us to quickly diagnose your problem without having to schedule return visit after return visit. If there's ever a situation where our services do not meet your standards, we stand by our work with a comprehensive satisfaction guarantee. With all that considered, why wouldn't you call us for your furnace repair or replacement?

Frequently Asked Questions

There's one main difference between these two pieces of cooling equipment. Unlike AC units, which need a furnace to provide year-round comfort, heat pumps can both heat and cool a home. Note, however, that they sometimes need to be paired with an electric heater in areas that see temperatures below freezing.

In the Greeley area, we recommend getting your HVAC equipment serviced before the start of each season. In other words, AC maintenance should be done at the beginning of spring, while furnace tune-ups are best done in the fall.

Aside from replacing your air conditioner with a more efficient one, you can try installing blackout curtains, replacing old insulation, and sealing windows. Installing a whole-house or ceiling fan can also help reduce sticker shock. If you live in the Eaton area, we’re happy to provide a home performance evaluation.

Your typical furnace has a lifespan of roughly 20 years. How often the unit is used and the load put on it can impact this lifespan. Projected lifespan can be extended via annual preventive maintenance.

If you want to avoid leaves and debris inside your AC unit, you can purchase a cover through your brand’s dealer. This is not necessary for heat pumps, however.

Though your AC unit might work after a coolant refill, that’s a band-aid fix for a much larger problem. Because air conditioners are closed systems, any loss in refrigerant means there’s a leak somewhere. With many older systems using environmentally hazardous substances like R-410—which is now banned in new units and only available via reclamation—getting these refills can end up being more expensive than buying a new air conditioner that uses safer, lower-cost refrigerants.

A typical furnace replacement costs between $2000 and $4500. This number applies to an average-sized home. Though this may be steep, many HVAC companies offer discounts if you replace the AC unit at the same time. The cost of the equipment varies by brand, efficiency, equipped technology, and unit size.

A new furnace installation will take a skilled contractor between four and six hours. If you’re also replacing or installing an AC unit, the amount of time needed doubles. Most installations can be turned around the same day. If major rerouting of plumbing or electrical is required, this timeframe can be extended to days or a week.